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With community support, developers gain insight into what it’s really like to work in IT companies. JOBERTY offers them the opportunity to make an informed decision about applying or working for another employer.

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Startup Joberty has developed a platform that provides support to the IT sector in Serbia. This startup aims to connect companies and improve the exchange of information while making it easier for highly qualified candidates to find suitable jobs.

“We believe startups and technology companies are the bearers of society’s progress. Because of that, we want to contribute to developing the domestic IT community through greater visibility and transparency in business. Our mission is to help developers make better career decisions and strengthen search and find jobs in the IT sector to the largest number of markets”, for Katapult blog, says Nikola Mijailović, one of Joberty’s founders.

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Our mission is to help developers make better career decisions and strengthen search and find jobs in the IT sector to the largest number of markets
Nikola Mijailović, founder

Informed acceleration

In a short time, the Joberty platform has become a gathering place for the entire IT community in Serbia. Currently, the platform has about 438 active jobs in Serbia alone. In addition, Joberty allows companies to brand their profiles and advertise jobs to attract professionals more efficiently and stand out in the marketplace.

„The idea of ​​this platform was to connect everyone who wants to inquire about a position in a company with colleagues for a more accessible exchange of information — so that they would not have to ask whether “someone knows someone” in the company they are interested in or calls for an interview“, points out Nikola.

To strengthen the IT community in Serbia and gather as many people from this field in the foreign market, Nikola and his team applied for the Katapult acceleration program.

„We have seen that something big is preparing, and we were thrilled to hear that an accelerator of this type was being launched in Serbia”, Nikola remembers.

Why Katapult?

During the development of Joberty, the team faced various challenges. After the conquest of the Serbian market, they launched Joberty in Croatia, then in Romania and Bulgaria. But there was a need to create a group of clients who would use this product on a global stage.

“As we prepare to enter new global markets, we need the support for the positioning strategy and the first customer base in those markets. That is our priority now. We expect mentoring support for that part of the story “, says Nikola.

Joberty has high expectations from Katapult mentors, from whom they expect support to obtain additional investment. Their ability to “catapult” is based on market demand for digitization and employment of developers. In addition, Joberty is guided by the main strategies required by investors, which are a good initial idea, excellent feedback from users, and a quality team that can follow the product development process.

“Undoubtedly, Katapult will be a great support, and it will help us stay on track!” Nikola confirmed.