EASYPASS: Book your lesson now!


Written by:Katapult

Startup EASYPASS has created a digital platform that helps you to find a professor in any field and easily schedule a private lesson.


Young innovators Jana Antić and Marijana Jovanović have founded the startup EasyPass with the idea of making the studying path easier for students and professors. Even as students they faced a lack of time in the process of acquiring new knowledge and skills. Therefore, they came up with the idea to speed up, improve and simplify the educational process, while maintaining consistent quality. They have developed the EasyPass digital platform which connects teachers and students in just a few clicks.

“The demand for private lessons and assistance in studying and improving skills is growing from day to day. Every student or pupil used to need help with studying, and there is also a great demand for acquiring skills which are learned through courses and sessions,” said Marijana and Jana.

The platform was created in the midst of a Covid-19 pandemic, because that is the period when the first problems of distance learning appeared. The school system was forced to operate online. It took some time for teachers and students to adapt to the online classes model. At that moment there was also a need for additional classes and private lessons.

Many university students, just like elementary pupils and high school students, are constantly looking for good teachers who will help them to master the material through individual classes and private lessons.
Marijana and Jana

Challenges for the EasyPass team

The field of non-formal education is a relatively new field to our market. One of the first challenges the EasyPass team faces is educating users about the existence of online private lessons services. Then, establishing a balance between offers and demands on the site, ensuring each professor registered on the site has a sufficient number of scheduled classes, and on the other hand, every parent or student looking for private lessons can find an adequate professor. Finding quality teaching staff is also one of the most demanding endeavors.

“Many university students, just like elementary pupils and high school students, are constantly looking for good teachers who will help them to master the material through individual classes and private lessons,” confirmed Marijana and Jana.

Young entrepreneurs have set themselves high goals. Wishing to accelerate their development, gain new skills and knowledge in business, they have applied to participate in the Katapult acceleration program. Today they are part of the Katapult community, because the Innovation Fund has recognized their potential. They expect “catapulting” from the program in the next three months because they need support on their way to the market.

Katapult support for digital knowledge doors

With more than 200 active professors, about 20.000 site visits per month, and 2.000 scheduled lessons, the EasyPass platform needs further development to meet the market needs.

Katapult offers financial and mentoring support to its users on their way to the market. But, as Jana and Marijana pointed out, the most important things for them are contacts, networking, and the exchange of new ideas and experiences with representatives of other startups.

“Many of them have more experience and knowledge than us; we can learn a lot from them and thus build a startup community and support each other.”

They will use the financial support to implement new benefits on the platform, including a calendar for scheduling private lessons. Also, to make it easier for professors, they will open an “Ask the Professor” section and thus establish an online classroom with a whiteboard. Mentoring support will contribute to the capacity building while placing products on the European market.

If you intend to start learning online, Jana and Marijana have created a digital world of knowledge for you. Confirm your knowledge and find out something new!