Katapult aims to connect Serbian startups with the best investors for their stage and trajectory, from angel investors to Seed and Series A venture capitalists.

We find great startups.

Katapult does the challenging work of sourcing and preparing the most promising startups in Serbia for growth and investment.
Katapult leverages its strong network to find the best founders and uses a rigorous selection process. Katapult’s program and mentors then assist founders in finding product/market fit, refining business models, growing traction, and scaling internationally.
Katapult hosts bi-annual Demo Days (first in May 2022) and periodic meetups for investors. These are invitation-only. If you are interested in participating, please register here.

We match your investment.

Katapult’s Co-Investment Facility provides up to a 1:1 match of investor capital with up to €300K in funding for each startup. This is non-dilutive: startups and investors retain all of the equity.

Things to know:

  • Investors must qualify as eligible co-investors, while funding agreements are signed with startups. More info on investor eligibility here.
  • A minimum investment round of €50K is required to unlock co-investment funding.
  • Investments must be structured as equity or quasi-equity (convertible notes or SAFEs, e.g.).
  • There is no limit to the number of startups that an investor may invest in and still qualify as a co-investor.

Become a co-investment partner

To be kept informed of Katapult happenings or to get more actively involved, register here or contact us within Contact section.