HIVE5: The tool of choice for the creative industry


Written by:Katapult

Hive5 startup has created a digital space that makes it easier for professional photographers to work and cooperate with their team members

Hive5 startup stands behind a solution that will transform the post-production of -visual materials. The innovative platform is based on cloud technology and enables photo and video content creators to manage files more easily, as well as to network with their clients and colleagues.

Team of this startup is composed of technological entrepreneurs, photographers and other representatives of the creative industry with longstanding experience. Such experience has convinced them that keeping competitive on the market requests optimization of creative work processes.

Essential mission of the Hive5 team is to save creative people from boring and routine IT tasks. After talking with hundredsof photographers, videographers and studio founders all around the world, the team has developed a digital solution that offers experts more freedom and flexibility.

“Photographers and video creators spend 80 percent of their working time on post-production processes and only 20 percent on shooting. Our intention was to change it. That’s why within the comprehensive Hive5 solution we have designed functions and tools which are optimizing daily workflow within this creative industry”, says Marko Radenković, founder of the Hive5 startup.

Photographers and video creators spend 80 percent of their working time on post-production processes and only 20 percent on shooting. Our intention was to change it.
Marko Radenković, founder

Katapulting the Hive5 team

Since the Hive5 team have a lot of areas of improvements in sales and marketing, and the product is primarily directed to foreign markets, participation in the Katapult acceleration program has enabled them to develop and improve the business, as well as tools necessary for accelerated growth.

“Katapult has ideally ‘guessed’ in what phase we are and what kind of support in fact we need, taking into account the fact that we have developed a product and we already have the first users with whom we are nurturing a relationship,” Marko points out.

With the Katapult support this startup is currently working on marketing, improving sales and communication strategies, as well as on legal regulations. For the development of the mentioned segments, the advice of Katapult mentors has shown itself as particularly significant.

“We have met mentors who are very successful in these areas, and with their advice, experience and knowledge they help us a lot. Taking part in a project with such experts is invaluable. You can get the best advice. At the same time such value is only the tip of the iceberg”, said Marko for the Katapult blog.

Strengthening the startup community

Participating in the Katapult program, Hive5 has become part of the growing startup community. Since all startups go through similar challenges and problems, sharing experiences with each other means a lot to everyone. As the startup community develops, the time to success will be shortening. And the risk each startup is facing will decrease. That’s exactly what the Hive5 team is hoping for.

Since this startup is already in the phase of communication with potential investors, contacts and exchange of opinions within the Katapult program are of great importance to the Hive5 team. Currently, numerous acceleration opportunities are opening up for this and other participants of the Katapult program.

More about the experiences of other startups you can read in our next blogs. If you are part of the creative industry and have a desire for better optimization of your work process, maybe Hive5 is the right solution for you.